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Learn and play the Montessori Way

Play room

The day nursery that cares

Our Baby Room has capacity for 9 babies aged from 3 months to approx 15 months. There is 1 adult for every 3 babies of which 1 is a Unit Head. The Unit Head is responsible for leading their team and ensuring the needs and requirements of each of the babies are met.

Routine you can rely on

Routine is very important to any child and especially a baby. That is why we make sure we follow your baby’s individual routine.

Learning that lasts a lifetime

The play equipment is appropriate to the development stage of our youngest babies and helps stimulate learning. Using the Montessori Method we ensure your child starts learning from birth and that their emotional needs are met through love, care and attention that each baby needs to thrive.


Why not make an appointment to visit our baby room.

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Caring for the essentials

The Babies have their own changing facilities as well as a milk kitchen where bottle feeds can be made up as and when required. The baby room is also equipped with their own fridge to keep cooled boiled water for when your baby is thirsty and to keep fresh fruit cut and prepared every day.

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