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Nutritious & healthy food at all times served in our dining room

At Kidz Montessori Day Nursery all our meals are prepared and cooked daily on the premises by our fully qualified cook, Rosemary. Our menus are varied in order to encourage the children to try different foods and broaden their tastes.

Healthy eating habits

We believe in encouraging healthy eating habits from a young age therefore we have devised our meals in a structure that supports healthy eating schemes and provides children with a well balanced diet.

Learning while growing

Meal times should be happy, social times where children learn good table manners and develop an understanding of the importance of healthy eating. Staff members sit with the children during meal times and encourage the children to develop independence through making choices, including pouring their drinks and feeding themselves.

Meal times for growing children. Call us on

028 7181 1124

How it works

Fresh chilled water is available to the children throughout the day and children are given a wide range of fruits via our rolling snack times.


We offer the children a selection of cereals, toast, breakfast juice and a healthy freshly cooked hot lunch and an afternoon snack of sandwiches, homemade banana bread, rice pudding, carrot cake etc.


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